Walrus Audio Warhorn


Walrus Audio Warhorn

Releasing March 2017

What we know so far

There haven’t been too many details released regarding this pedal since Walrus Audio announced it on their Instagram page just before NAMM. This has been called a “Mid-Range overdrive” which sounds to us a lot like an adaption of the Tubescreamer circuit. The Tubscreamer is well known for the midrange hump it adds to your tone, and is just as equally infamous for being replicated and modified.

Warhorn Specs

This pedal has your typical drive and level knobs along with separate bass and treble controls. There is also a three-way toggle that will allow different levels of compression and clipping.



More details are sure to be released about this pedal as we get closer and closer to March. One thing to be certain about is that if you are fond of those mid-range drives this will be a great overdrive pedal to check out. Walrus Audio has developed a suite of beautiful sounding drive pedals and we are confident that the Warhorn will be another great texture in their ever growing collection of drive pedals. If you feel like you are set on overdrive don’t forget to check out all of the other great guitar pedals Walrus Audio will be releasing this year!

Walrus Audio Warhorn

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