Walrus Audio Phoenix Review

Walrus Audio Phoenix

If you are still working on a solution for powering your pedals, you might want to check out the Phoenix by Walrus Aduio. Featuring 15 isolated power outputs with a wide range of voltage and current options the Phoenix covers a wide set of needs. If you are still a little hazy on the different types of power supplies be sure to check out this post!

This is the power supply I use on my personal board.. I switched to to this power supply from the voodoo labs pp2+ (Which is great) for two main reasons. The first was that I added the Big Sky to my board. I was already powering my Timeline using the courtesy outlet of the PP2+ and wanted a way to simplify.  The Phoenix allows you to power both of these big box pedals and leaves room for two more. The other big reason for me was the fact that I could power my entire board with one supply, and still had the option to add a few new pedals down the road.

In total, the Walrus Audio Phoenix offers:

8 outputs at 9v, 100mA

4 Outputs at 9v, 300mA

2 outputs at 9/12v(toggle), 100ma

1 ouput at 9/18(toggle), 100ma


The Phoenix features a tough rugged design that will survive any gigging board. Internally it contains two transformers designed to filter your power, and highly reduce the chance of any noise being introduced to your signal. It can be mounted under boards like the PT-2 and a mounting kit is available with this power supply. The only downside is that on some boards this may add some difficulty in accessing the courtesy power supply.

The most important factor in any power supply is reliability. I have left this power supply plugged in for extended periods of time with no signs of trouble. This has been my power source for almost a year, and is a cornerstone piece of my board.  This power supply will meet all of your pedal power needs, and was worth the high price tag. If you are running into a power shortage problem I highly recommend this power supply.

Happy playing!

Walrus Audio Phoenix

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