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The team at Walrus Audio have continued to create amazing pedals that have become staples on players boards everywhere. Based on what we saw this year at NAMM, 2017 will not disappoint! Not only will they be adding several new effects to the line up, but Walrus Audio has also announced a brand new utility line. We got out first look at all the new products on Instagram.

2017 will have all the sounds. 🎉🎸 #namm #namm2017

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RED High-Gain Distortion

This is the first effect pedal, currently on pre-order, to be made available in 2017. This pedal promises to get dirty. According to Walrus Audio it will make you want to, “Tune Down and put on a Viking helmet”. For our readers who are still a little hazy on the difference between over drive and distortion, you’ll want to check out this post.

The Pedal will feature bass, mid, and treble boost and cut. You will also see the typical volume and gain controls. There is also a “texture” toggle which will change the compression levels and overall tone. Keep an eye out for his pedal as orders begin shipping soon.


Monument Harmonic Tremolo

We first caught wind of this pedal at summer NAMM in 2016. This pedal with feature an analogue signal path controlled by a digital LFO. Players will also have the option of both a standard trem or harmonic.



Other Releases

Jupiter V2

-This pedal should start landing on boards in February. A new take on an old Walrus Classic. There isn’t a whole lot we know about this pedal, but expect minor changes to an already exceptional fuzz.

Warhorn Overdrive

– This has an expected release date in March. We know this will be a midrange overdrive, which to us sounds like a fresh take on the Tubescreamer circuit. We will keep you in the loop as we learn more.

*Edit* Read our new post for more info on the Walrus Audio Warhorn

Arp-87 Multifunction Delay

-This is the biggest mystery to us. Right now the expected release is July 2017. The one thing that is certain: you can never have too much delay.

Utility Line

The other thing we are excited about is the Walrus Audio Utility Line. While there is nothing off the wall here, you can expect high quality craftsman ship and fair prices. Now when you are making your next big order feel free to add a tap tempo to your order… just in case.

2017 is sure to be a big year for Walrus. Stay tuned for more information, or check them out at walrusaudio.com If you get to try out these pedals for yourself let us know what you think on Twitter or Instagram. Happy Playing!



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