Strymon Timeline Swell

Strymon Timeline Swell

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If you have a timeline, you need to have a swell preset. This is a great tool to have in case you are without a volume pedal or your volume knob gets scratchy. If you don’t find your self using volume swells that often you man not want or need a volume pedal. The Strymon Timeline Swell Delay gives you some peace of mind in finally taking the volume pedal off your board. In the event you need to add a swell you can just bank to one of the presets you made with this setting. You can also create a blooming effect with this pedal by keeping your attack turned up but having the delays swell into your signal.


The external knobs on this setting work the same as discussed in the Timeline overview. The swell setting is a pretty simple delay machine and there is only one new parameter you need the know about. If you press the value encoder you will see the Rise parameter. This controls how fast your delays will fade into your signal and is divided into seconds. You have to option to choose from .10 seconds to 4 seconds. I usually leave mine set closer to 4 seconds, but experiment with what you like best. As always you can add a high pass filter in the parameters and adjust the smear. With a setting like this I tend to leave the smear turns up, because I want a less rhythmic delay and something with little more space to it. Remember that if you want a complete well you will need to turn the mix knob up 100 percent.

Volume Pedal or Swell Delay

Since I have the Bloomery available on my board I don’t find myself using this delay machine that often. While I suggest using a volume pedal if you do a lot of swells, this is a nice tool to have just in case. I have stuck with the volume pedal option, because I prefer the sound of some of the other delays. For most of my swells I stick to the dTape delay.

Final thoughts

Overall the swell delay is a nice feature and while I am glad the team at Strymon included it, it is not the most important part of the pedal for me. I don’t end up using it that often, but I have been thankful it is there the few times I have needed it. Take sometime and create a preset for this sound and save it in a bank you don’t use that often. That way it is there is you need it, but not taking up space.

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