Strymon Timeline Ice Delay

Strymon Timeline Ice

By Guitar pedals on Incline

Ice Delay

On this post will be looking into the Ice setting of the Strymon Timeline. This is a pitch shifting effect that adds a shimmer effect into your delay trails. You have the option to choose from adding one octave down all the way up to plus two octaves. Some of these seem a little overkill, for example I have yet to find a way to use the tritone interval.


The external knobs on this setting are the same as discussed in our Timeline overview. However there are some special parameters available under the sub menu. If you press the value encoder you will be able to access these settings. You will first see the intervals which allows you to chose which interval you want added into your delays. Next is the slice which changes the sample size the delay chooses to shift. Finally we have the blend which is the last Ice specific parameter. This just allows you to chose how present you want the ice effect to have in your delays. After this you will see the smear option which changes how your delays act over time. If you turn the smear up your delays begins to “smear” together the longer they last.

I tend to use this setting for swells and in quiet parts of a set. To get the most out of these sounds I like to add in some reverb as you will see at the end of this video. The Ice delay is a unique effect and one sound I was really excited about when I first got the Timeline. I will say that I don’t find myself using it that often, but it is a nice sound to have for those special moments where I need something spacey.

Overall this is a cool sound that I like experimenting with, but I don’t find myself using that often. The timeline has a lot of sounds that fit into a similar category that we will keep digging into. These are great sounds to help you get inspired when you are stuck in a creativity rut.

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