Strymon Sunset

Strymon Sunset

This dual overdrive recently announced by Strymon shows that they have fully embraced the overdrive market. This pedal seems to be a timely response to the Brothers Analog Gainstage.  Just like the Brothers, the Strymon Sunset will offer two independent channels with multiple routing options. This pedal will offer six unique circuits that can be blended together creating a brand new palette of tones and colors.


Sunset Dual Overdrive

The drives in this pedal are based off of a JFET circuit combined with Strymon’s own DSP algorithms to add their own signature texture. The Pedal will have a Channel A and B. Each Channel will have two drive options and a boost.

Channel A

GE – The Ge circuit as you may have guessed has the characteristics of germanium diodes. This will favor the low mids, and, according to strymon, will help beef up your single coil pickups.

Texas –  This drive has softer clipping and is designed to be a smoother more dynamic overdrive. The tones from this drive are reminiscent of a Texas blues player we all know and love.

Treble Boost – As you turn up the tone knob on this boost you will cut out the lower frequencies. This will help tighten up your drives and give your signal more clarity so it can cut right through the mix.

Channel B

2stage – This drive will have a soft clipping stage followed by hard clipping. This is going to be a heavier drive that features a lot of saturation and favors the low end.

Hard – As the name suggests, this drive will feature heavy clipping and a lot of gain. This is the one that is going to get you the closest to fuzz. According to Strymon the tone knob will help smooth out this drive or add more fuzz.

JFET –  This clean boost will add a little punch to your signal. If your amp is right on the edge of break up this could give you the small push you need to reach a nice light overdrive.

Sunset Overdrive Features

  • Mono Signal Path
  • Independent, Series, Parallel Routing options
  • Favorite Switch input
  • Analog and digital blend
  • Bright Switch
  • Noise Reduction

In Review

The Strymon Sunset looks to follow in the footsteps of the soon to be released the Brothers Analog Gainstage. It looks to be a unique pedal that will offer a wide variety of drive tones. Strymon only releases the highest quality of pedals, and we are sure the Sunset Dual Overdrive will be a welcome addition to the Strymon family. We will be sure to keep you posted as we learn more about this pedal.



Strymon Sunset

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