Tapestry Audio: Bloomery Volume Pedal

  • Tapestry Audio: Bloomery Volume Pedal pt.II

    Volume Pedal

    By Guitar pedals on Incline

    Why Volume Pedals

    One of the most essential pedals for any ambient player is the volume pedal. It is hands down the best way to create nice smooth swells that will fill tons of space within your songs. These moments are especially great for showing off your creative delays, reverbs, and other modulation settings you have worked so hard to create. In this video our swells were created using the new Bloomery Volume Pedal created by the team over at Tapestry Audio.

    The Bloomery

    This volume pedal made its way onto my board a few months ago and won’t be going anywhere. It is truly revolutionary to the entire volume pedal game. The most obvious feature of the Bloomery is the size. This thing is Tiny! Whats amazing is that even though it is so small and compact it doesn’t feel like any pedal is missing. Not to mention the solid steel construction. In fact, this pedal is just as heavy as my last volume pedal even though it is half the size. The bloomer feels solid under your foot and is rugged enough to last for a long time. I’m a big fan of the small size because it has given me enough room to add a compressor to my board. This extra real estate was reason enough to love this pedal.

    While its footprint may be small, the Bloomery volume pedal still has a nice full sweep. I feel just as in control using this pedal as I did my old Ernie Ball Jr. One really interested thing about the design of this pedal is that it goes just past 90 degrees for full volume. This means it’s a little more natural feeling on an angled board like the Pedaltrain 2 featured in this video. These little quirks are what sets this pedal beyond the others on the market.

    No Strings Attached

    However, what is most important to me is the sound quality of this pedal. Tapestry Audio gives us two options to choose from, active or passive. This video features the active version of this pedal. This allows you to use the tuner out without any tone loss to your signal. Tone loss is an issue that has been plaguing volume pedals for years. It is refreshing to have a volume pedal where I don’t have to worry about that. The other feature that sets this volume pedal apart from is competitors is that the builders have finally done away with the string design. Instead of a string that could break at any moment the Bloomery uses a slide potentiometer and a drive shaft. Finally we are free from a world where you have to worry if your pedal will fail with every swell.

    One other feature of the bloomer is that it may be used as an expression pedal. The only limitation is that this feature is only available on the passive version of the pedal. The small size of the pedal means that you may finally be able to justify the space needed to use an expression pedal on your board.

    Final Thoughts

    As you can see in this video this pedal will allow you to create beautiful swells. It features a smooth sweep with just the right amount of tension, and an even volume curve. The small design leaves room on your board for new pedals, or may finally give you an excuse to use an expression pedal. Overall Tapestry Audio really knocked it out of the park with this one.


    Tools of the Trade

    This video features and American Standard Tele into a Morgan 10pm.

    Effects Used:

    Walrus Deep Six

    Bondi Sick As Overdrive

    Warped Vinyl MkII

    Strymon Timeline – dTape

    Strymon Big Sky – Cloud

  • Tapestry Audio: Bloomery Volume Pedal

    Bloomery Volume Pedal

    By Guitar pedals on Incline


    Initial Thoughts

    In this video we are looking at the Tapestry Audio Bloomery Volume pedal. It isn’t that often that I get very excited about a volume pedal, but it’s not every day you see a volume pedal like the Bloomery. What I am most excited about this pedal is that I don’t feel like I’ll be replacing it anytime soon. This pedal has a nice solid feel to it and fits well once you get your foot on it. I will admit it did take a little getting used to compared to my old Ernie Ball Jr. I also ended up having to move the pedal from the middle of my board to the edge so I wouldn’t hit other pedals. In doing this I was able to angle my foot in a way that the pedal felt as big as the Ernie Ball.


    If you know anything about volume pedals you know the biggest complains involve size, strings, or tone loss. Somehow the active Bloomery manages to doge all three of these bullets. Weighing in at 2.7 lbs. this pedal feels sturdy and ready to stand up to the on stage wear and tear. The real feat is that Tapestry Audio has found a way to take the string out of the equation. This means no more living in fear that each set brings you one step closer to a string breaking. The Active option on the Bloomery also means you can use the tuner out without fear of any tone loss. This pedal is well designed and well-built.



    I want to take a minute and speak to the size of this pedal. At 7.8”x2.25” compared to the popular Ernie Ball’s 10”x3.5” I was able to add another pedal on my board. While this was less friendly to my wallet my tone was thankful for the addition.


    The sweep and feel of the pedal is really nice. It took a little time to get used to it, but now it feels very natural. The Pedal goes a little past 90 degrees, and on an angled board like mine this is a welcomed feature. There is a nice amount of resistance in the sweep which helps to even out my swells. We will see if this remains true overtime or if it will loosen up like other volume pedals I have owned.


    Final thoughts

    This pedal does come with a high price tag, however I feel it is well worth the extra money. Just the peace of mind that comes with a “no strings attached” build is worth it to me. On top of that this pedal feels like an investment that will last for years rather than just a season. Overall the Tapestry Audio Bloomery Volume gets a 10/10 two thumbs up review.


    Be sure to check out our video of this pedal in action!