Strymon Timeline

12 Unique Delay Machines
200 Available Presets
Built -in Looper
Powered by SHARC DSP

Strymon Timeline Digital Delay

This is the guitar pedal that has taken over all of your favorite players boards. It seems like no matter the player or their style the one pedal you can always count on seeing is the Strymon Timeline. This isn't a new pedal, but it seems like people are finding new tones using the Timeline every day. Whether in the studio, on stage, or in the bedroom this one size fits all delay seems like it is perfect for every situation. 

Strymon Timeline Banks and Presets

The Timeline feature 100 banks with two presets each. In effect this gives you 200 presets for storing all of your delay settings. What is most helpful about the presets is that you can go from a wild and crazy delay to a simple slapback delay with just the push of a button. No more pedal dancing is needed to get that weird effect that you only use for a bar or two before the bridge.

Timeline Delay Types

You also get 12 different delay machines including:

 Each of these delays come with their own unique characteristics that are fully customizable using the parameters menu. The Timeline not only covers all of the basic delays, but also provides weird and unique tones only capable with this pedal. The dual delay can help you recreate those famous U2 riffs from songs like "Bad" or "Where the Streets Have No Name". Switch over to the dTape machine and you'll instantly feel like you are in an indie band, or an old school recording studio playing through an old echoplex.

No matter what your style is, the Timeline can get you there. There is a little bit of a learning curve with this delay pedal, but the time spent figuring out this pedal will be well worth it. In the process you may even fin your new favorite sound. As always experimentation is key. If you need little help of how to get started be sure to check out our demo videos below.

Happy Playing!

Strymon Timeline

dTape Delay

Ice Delay

Swell Delay

Dual Delay