Electro-Harmonix Micro Pog

Micro Pog

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First Look

Hi there! Today we are talking about the EHX Micro Pog. In case you were wondering POG stands for Polyphonic Octave Generator. Which is exactly what this pedal does. The Micro POG is a polyphonic effect meaning that it is able to add octaves to full chords not just a single string, or note, at a time. The pedal gives you three different octave choices. The octave you are actually playing in or “Dry Signal”. “Sub Ocatve” which is just one octave down, and “Octave Up” which is just as it sounds.

This pedal is great for creating a nice twelve string effect, or adding some punch to your lead lines. If you add in a volume pedal and some delay or reverb you can also create some nice organ sounding swells. Last but not least you also can use the sub octave to fill in on the bass lines. Even though this pedal only has three knobs it can really cover a lot of ground. It has the ability to add some variety to your tone, and add some nice texture to your sound.

Micro Pog Vs. POG 2

In regards to size, this pedal is a nice middle ground between the Nano Pog and the POG 2. For anyone that has owned the original POG this is much smaller and more pedalboard friendly. I used to own a POG 2 and like many players I decided to downsize for the sake of more room on my board. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Micro POG cover all the sounds I relied on my POG 2 to produce.

Final thoughts

This is a great pedal and could easily find a home on any guitar players board. I would recommend it for anyone who is trying to build a “swiss army” collection of pedals. An octave effect isn’t necessary for every song out there, but it is always a nice option to have in you back pocket.


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