JHS Pink Panther

Re-Announcing the JHS Pink Panther

The Pink Panther, one of JHS pedals earliest delay pedals is back, but this time with a fresh new sound and look. Since the Pink Panther Delay Pedal was first discontinued we have seen the release of the Panther bucket brigade style analog delay and later the Panther Cub. Now we are back to the original Pink Pather with a fresh coat of paint and a few new tricks. One thing to note is that while the Panther Cub and other Panther pedals are 100% analog this pedal is a digital emulation of a bucket brigade style delay.


Over the years JHS has been known to update their classic pedals to keep up with the current trends that pedal enthusiasts love. This practice has kept them at the top of the boutique pedal game for almost a decade and this is the next pedal to get the JHS Facelift. The original Pink Panther was a basic analog delay that was released in a small batch of 100 pedals. These have become rare and sell used for as much as $500. Now you can have that classic sound with more control at a much more reasonable cost. The new PinkPather will be a smaller enclosure with the following features:


  • 1 Second of Delay Time
  • Tape/Digital Modes
  • Two Types of Modulation
  • Dark EQ Knob for Repeats
  • On-board Tap Tempo
  • Top Mounted Input/Output Jacks
  • External Tap Tempo Jack
  • 4 Subdivisions (1/4, dotted 1/8, 1/8, Triplets)
  • Small compact footprint
  • Standard 9V DC Negative power

You will be able to pick up the Pink Panther for $249 new, but give it a little time and you are sure to find used deals on Reverb.


This pedal will feature the following controls:

Time – This will allow you to dial in the exact delay time you need ranging from slapback to about on second of delay.  Since this is a digital delay this is not going to give you the oscillations typical of an analog delay pedal.

Ratio – This will allow you to select the subdivisions of the repeats as you tap in the tempo. Options will include triplets, eight notes. dotted eighth, and quarter note

Repeats – This will allow you to choose the number of repeats in the delayed signal

Dark – This control with allow you to choose the color the pedals repeats. All the way to the left will give you a total digital delay with no tone loss. As you turn this knob to the right you will begin to add more loss to your tone and you repeats will begin to darken and take on a more lo-fi feel.

Mix – This control will allow you to dial in the effect level of the repeats. With the mix control centered at noon, the repeats are at unity with your input signal. Below noon they will be tucked under your playing, and if you turn the mix past noon the delays will be boosted above the input signal of your guitar. A high repeat setting with a low mix will create a nice wash underneath your playing, and a high mix low repeat setting is perfect for a dotted eighth delay. Turn the Mix al the way up for a 100% wet signal.

Mod Toggle Switch – This three-way switch will allow the player to choose between three different modulation settings. Toggle down is the Mod 1 position and adds subtle somewhat shimmery modulation to your repeats. The center position is a clean setting with no modulation. Finally, you have the toggle up position that puts you into Mod 2. Mod 2 is a deeper and much more intense modulation setting.

Digital/Tape Switch – This switch will allow players to choose between crystal clean digital delays and the tape delay mode. The Tape Delay setting is a more saturated tone and features a little bit of compression with helps emulate the classic vintage tape echo that we have all come to know and love.

The Pink Panther is a fresh take on a JHS classic. Be sure to check this pedal out today and let us know what you think of it on Twitter or Instagram!


JHS Pink Panther

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