JHS Pedals

JHS Pedals

This month we are taking a look at one of our favorite pedal builders JHS Pedals. The company is located in Kansas City, MO and is helmed by Josh Scott or Josh Heath Scott(in case you were wondering where JHS came from). JHS Pedals are used by all kinds of players in just about every genre. In this post, we will take a look at the most popular pedals they offer.

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Morning Glory


This overdrive pedal is arguably what put JHS on the map. Known for its transparent tones this light overdrive has become the tonal foundation of players all over the world. The pedal, released in 2009, is based on the bluesbreaker circuit and adds some punch to your tone without the midrange bump that comes from a tubescreamer type drive. The pedal was built to be a versatile drive that can find a home on virtually any pedal board.

Pulp n’ Peel


The Pulp n’ Peel compressor is the other of the most iconic JHS Pedals. Over the past few years, it has gone through some changes both internally and externally. The most current edition offers four controls: Volume, Comp, EQ, and Blend. There is also a dirt toggle switch that allows you to mix in some overdrive to your compressed signal. JHS Boasts that this compression pedal has been built for players who don’t like compression. It’s many features set it apart from most compressors on the market and allow for a unique tonal palette. Another unique feature the V4 model of this pedal offers is a direct xlr output.



This has become another JHS staple and is one of my favorite pedals that they build. This overdrive pedal was built to capture the tone and characteristics of 60’s era Supro amps. The pedal is just as straightforward as the amps it models. The Superbolt features the typical controls you would expect on an overdrive pedal as well as a gain toggle. The gain control acts like the volume would on a Supro amp. The Volume knob then becomes more of a master volume that can help tame your tone to a suitable level. Finally, you are left with a tone knob to filter out any top end fizziness or cut and low-end mud.

Color Box


This is one of the more unique and interesting pedals that JHS has put out. The JHS Pedals Color Box is a tribute to the Neve recording console. This console has recorded a number of famous hits from bands like The Beatles to Led Zepplin to Steely Dan. One of the guitar tones that is most recognizable from this circuit is the guitar lead on “Revolution” by The Beatles. These tones were achieved by plugging the guitar directly into the console. The Color Box helps players get these same tones and colors in a live setting.



JHS Collaborated on this dual drive pedal with StuG of Delirious. The goal was to create a truly versatile pedal that could be used in the studio and on the stage. The end result was the kilt which can produce everything from transparent drive to over the top fuzz. The left side of this pedal is influenced by the Expandora. The kilt has added some new controls to this classic circuit to make it more usable in the modern era. The right side of the pedal is a JFET boost that can give you the extra push you need to cut through the mix. Overall this is a super versatile pedal that will cover a wide range of drive tones for any situation.

JHS Pedals

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