Chase Bliss Audio Brothers

Chase Bliss Audio Brothers

The Brothers Analog Gainstage was designed by Chase Bliss Audio in collaboration with Resonant Electronic. This pedal looks like it can cover just about any drive tone you could ever want. This guitar pedal contains two different channels that can be run in parallel giving you the option to blend the two signals. It can also be stacked so one channel builds off the other.

Brothers Analog Gainstage Features

This pedal will have a Channel A and Channel B. Channel A will give the player options of drive, fuzz or boost. The Channel A boost is based of a jfet circuit. Channel B will also give the option of overdrive, fuzz, and boost. The boost on Channel be will be based of of an IC circuit.

The Brothers will in effect offer six unique circuits blending boost, drive, and fuzz options. Beyond that the pedal can also be routed 33 different ways using the Chase Bliss Audio signature dip switches. As with all their pedals the Brothers Analog Gainstage will feature an all analog signal controlled by a digital brain. This means the pedal can be controlled via MIDI and will allow you to save and recall your favorite sounds instantly. This part of the design has become a cornerstone element to all of the Chase Bliss Audio pedals.

In Review

This pedal is sure to be a game changer when it comes to overdrive pedals. With so many tonal options its hard to even imagine the sounds are possible with the Brothers drive. We are really excited to try this pedal out for ourselves. Until then we will keep you updated on what you can expect from the Brothers drive. The team at Chase Bliss has continued to innovate and change the way pedals are made. This overdrive pedal is sure to follow suit with the rest of the great pedals built by Chase Bilss.

If you’re as excited as we are for this pedal, you can pre order it now over at

Chase Bliss Audio Brothers

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