What are Boutique Guitar Pedals?

Boutique Guitar Pedals

Are you looking to change up your pedals, but overwhelmed by all the options? Boutique guitar pedals are a great option when you are looking for something that is a little more specialized than the big box brands. These pedals tend to be handbuilt and tailored to a specific sound or audience. We have put together a quick look into some of our pedal builders.

JHS Pedals

Hailing from Kansas City JHS has built an impressive collection of all the essential guitar pedals. Whether you need dirt, delay, or modulation these guys have you covered. Started by Josh Scott this company how grown rapidly and their pedals have become a favorite of artists and players all over the world.

Pedals to check out:

  • Morning Glory
  • Colour Box
  • Pulp n’ Peel Compressor

Tapestry Audio

Tapestry Audio has recently received a lot of attention with their Bloomery Volume pedal. This pedal addressed most of the complains we have all had regarding volume pedals. While this pedal continues to land on boards everywhere don’t miss the rest of their line up. Tapestry Audio will continue to offer solutions to problems we face every day. Recently they began teasing a new product this year, but for the moment the details are hazy at best.


Bloomery Volume Pedal

Bondi Effects

Australian couple Jon and Anna Ashley are the couple behind this great pedal company. In 2013 we saw them release their flag-ship pedal the Sick As Overdrive. Rather than cloning the Klon circuit they took and made it their own and in the process developed one of our favorite overdrive pedals. Since then they have released the Del Mar Overdrive and February 2017 will be releasing the 2026 compressor.

Walrus Audio

Based out of Oklahoma City this builder earned its place on the map with the Voyager Overdrive. A transparent overdrive, this pedal is one of the best when it comes to low gain settings. Since then, the team at Walrus Audio has built up an impressive suite of guitar pedals. Besides pedals Walrus has also given us an impressive pedal power supply with the Phoenix and Aetos.

Pedals you need right now:

  • Voyager
  • Bellwether
  • Deep Six
  • Julia


Formerly known as Damage control for their tube Based effects, Strymon has been setting the bar when it comes to modulation and time Based effects. Strymon offers top-notch pedals that ca create sounds you have never heard before. Most notable is their take on delay and reverb. No matter what genre you play, Strymon has something you need.

Must Have Pedals:

Boutique Guitar Pedals

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