Bondi Effects: Sick As Overdrive

Bondi Effects Sick As Overdrive

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Hi! We’re so glad you’ve made it back to Today we are looking further into the Bondi Effects Sick as Overdrive. You can see our first look at this great pedal here. This pedal is extremely versatile and can cover a wide palette of sounds.To begin with we are going to look at a basic overdrive sound that has a nice presence to it but still maintains a nice smooth feel. As the gain is increased the tonal characteristic maintains is original feel. This means you guitar and amp is what is heard rather than the pedal. As you change out guitars and amps you will continue to find new sounds inside the Sick As.

A nice feature of this pedal is its ability to act as a clean boost. Just turn the gain all the way down. Now you have the ability to color your clean tone. This is especially nice if your amp doesn’t have much in the way of tone controls, or even if it is far away from you. You can also use the volume to push the amp into a nice first stage drive. The clean boost is a good way to add some chime into your tone and tighten everything up.

Now just because the Sick As makes a great clean boost don’t be fooled into thinking it is a light gain drive. You will quickly learn that this Guitar Pedal has plenty of gain to give. Notice though, that as you increase the gain it stays powerful without getting out of control. The EQ controls play an important role in making this possible. As you dial in your high gain tones you can roll of some highs and add lows to keep the pedal from becoming too harsh. The EQ also helps you to find a good tone no matter what type of music you are playing.

Finally we have set up a loop to help show how the pedal reacts in real time. As you can see the EQ really opens up this pedal to endless opportunities.  And we also will show you the two different toggle settings. Up gives you some compression and down is a little more aggressive and open.


This is a great pedal that can work well in any situation. It has a nice solid build, and the soft bypass switch is a nice touch. I am really happy with this pedal and plan on keeping it on my personal board.

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