Bondi Effects 2026 Compressor

Releasing February 2017

What we know so far

Sometime this February we can start watching for the Bondi Effects 2026 Compressor. This is the latest pedal to be released by Bondi Effects and one of our most anticipated guitar pedals. The 2026 looks to depart from most standard compressor pedals and offers several unique features. If you are still a little hazy on what a compressor pedal does or if they are right for your board check out our post on Compression.

2026 Compressor Specs

This guitar pedal features many more controls than most compressor pedals you will see on the market. These include

  • Ratio
  • Threshold
  • Level
  • Attack
  • Release
  • Knee Toggle

One other unique feature of the 2026 are its two different modes. The two modes are indicated by LED. Blue is for Dynamic Mode which automatically adjusts the attack and release parameters to match your playing. This mode is great for the set it and forget it type players. Red is Manual Mode which is designed for all of the tweaks out there. This mode allows you to set the attack and release on your own.

The other feature we are most excited about is that this pedal actually shows you when compression is happening. The LED will turn while when you cross the threshold and compression takes over. This really helps you to understand how this pedal is effecting your signal, and how to use it correctly.

The vision behind the 2026 Compressor

This pedal was designed with the intent of being a truly transparent compressor pedal. According to Jon at Bondi Effects this pedal adds no color to your tone, which is why they have left off a blend knob. It is also great for bass or guitar for the same reason.

We still have yet to get our hands on this pedal, but we are waiting eagerly to try one out. Considering the fact that the Sick As Overdrive was a homerun, it is safe to bet that the 2026 will be a game changer as well. If you are as excited for this pedal as we are head over to Bondi Effects and join their email list to stay updated on when this pedal will be released.

Happy Playing!

Bondi Effects 2026 Compressor

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