At Skye Studios and Guitarpedals.live we believe your music is your voice. We are here to help you find your voice whether it is through new guitar pedals, or a better understanding of how to use the pedals you already have. Our demo’s will help you learn the basics of each pedal, point out unique characteristics, and help set you down the path of limitless creation.


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Feet on the Ground || Head in the Clouds

This is the motto we operate under around here. Musicians are creators, dreamers, and thinkers, but at the same time meticulous perfectionists, spending hours on their craft. We are a group well grounded in our fundamentals so that we can spend our days dreaming of what we will create. Our demo’s and reviews hope to capture that same idea. We will focus on the fundamentals of each pedal and best general practice, and then spend time discovering new sounds, textures, and ideas.

We also believe that this idea applies in a much bigger way. While music is made for entertainment and fun, it can be so much more. Our songs are our voice, and the message we share carries the opportunity to change lives. We offer up songs of hope in times of darkness, songs of honesty in a world of deceit, and songs of community in a lonely world. Music offers healing and has a special way of bringing together people in a way nothing else does. It unifies people from all walks off life allowing them to experience one short moment of beauty together. It stirs our hearts and asks tough questions. It brings comfort to our pain. It carries hope and joy throughout the world.

No matter who you are you have a voice. Here at guitarpedals.live we want you to find that voice. We will help you to better your craft, and to dream bigger than ever. No matter who you are you have a message that you will share with your community. You can become an influencer that will speak hope and light into those around you. You can inspire change in those around you, and write a new future. Grounded in our fundamentals we can reach new heights. As we perfect our craft we can dream new dreams. As we grow we come to believe the sky really is the limit.

Find your sound.

Find your tone.

Find your voice.